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Chain of Command

Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you healthy and doing well. I would like to address something that we have run into recently and how to address issues with the chain of command. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed right away, you have the chain of command starting with your Sgt., then Lt., then the Associate Wardens, and then the Warden. When you address your issues, a good practice is to write down your issue and come up with a solution or multiple solutions. If your issue is legitimate and you present reasonable solutions, it should be addressed at each level through the chain of command until you get resolution.

Do not fall into the stigma that the Lt. or Associate Warden is the end all be all at your institution. I can vouch for Warden Johnson and, in limited experience, Warden Hutchins. If you are a supervisor, do not take offense to this, as you may be limited in the authority you possess to address all issues.

There is a mentality that hangs over administrators that goes all the way back to Skolnik. This mentality is find a reason to say no and get it off my desk. The mentality should be to find a reason to say yes, until you simply cannot. If it is outside your authority, direct the officer to the appropriate administrator so that they may seek resolution.

On the flip side of this coin, officers, if a supervisor tells you what they tried to do and take the time to explain to you why they cannot, do not harbor negative thoughts toward them. Simply move up the chain of command and thank them for trying. Also, do not be discouraged. Believe it or not, barely any of the issues that are brought up, make it to the Warden. That responsibility is yours alone.

Believe me when I tell you, there are diplomatic ways to pursue resolutions. More often than not, each and every one of you are capable of getting things accomplished. Don’t sell yourself short and if you need help with issues that arise we will always help out where we can. Do not get yourself into a bad situation where you feel you need to refuse an order or Motherfuck a supervisor, when you have resources at your disposal. Remember, refusal of an order is only justifiable if it is against the law, not just against policy or procedure. If you get ordered to do something where you feel policy will be broken, advise the supervisor and then follow the order. Do this publicly so you have a witness. Then grieve the issue later.

I put these things out there with nothing but respect for our members who are officers and supervisors. Be safe and take care of each other.

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