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EMRB Decision

The EMRB has issued a decision regarding the petition by NHPA. In many ways the decision contradicts itself. However, the only thing it changes is how our members need to describe their representative. As Officers and co workers, we can represent you, which our Executive Board has done for over 12 years. We cannot represent you as agents of FOP. To be clear if you ask one of us to represent you it will be as co workers and not FOP agents. When using the Legal Defense plan regarding Disciplinary or NRS 289 matters, it is important for you all to know that the attorneys listed as Hylant Plan Attorneys are retained by you and as part of your individual coverage through Hylant, the attorney fees are paid on your behalf by Hylant. The important distinction is that these attorneys are not hired or retained by FOP. In this manner the decision by the EMRB has no impact on your Legal Defense Plan coverage. Secondly, if you show up to your interrogation, grievance hearing, or personnel hearing with an attorney, it is absolutely no ones business how your individual attorney fees are paid. This decision will be appealed I am sure by not only FOP National Attorneys, but other Labor organizations as well. If you are interested in reading the EMRB decision I have attached it for your review.

President Lunkwitz

14. Declaratory Order
Download PDF • 987KB

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