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Governor has no room to talk

Governor Hasnosack, needs to look no further than the mirror and his Director to find where the responsibility falls. They approved shutting down towers, vaccine mandate, and not following the shutdown procedures. This all comes down to their utter failure to properly run, staff the prisons, and give adequate training. They have run all of our brothers and sisters into the ground with overtime and mentally fatigued them with the constant harassment by horrific examples of supervisors/administrators.

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Our Retired brother

Anyone who has worked around SDCC during the last 25 years has likely had the pleasure of working with Officer Carl Arnold. During my time at SDCC I remember him running K-Gate most of the time. He wa


Unknown member
Sep 29, 2022


Why would an inmate serving life without for a bombing be in a medium custody prison?


Um, he hadn't had a write up for 1 month.


If you do re-gain custody of him, what are you planning to do with this inmate?


5 day store loss.

Sounds about right.


In addition to the comment I wrote, as officers, we need to be more vigilant in our duties, and inmate gone for 4 days before its notice means that as frontline staff we have to be better, we can blame the suits for quite a bit of disfunction but we also have to uphold our share of responsibilities and commitment to duty in our work. I agree with Lunkwitz that officers are burnt out and mentally fatigued from mandatory OT which causes these kinds of situations, we do need to improve training, bring back FTO's. At the end of the day I know state officials are not gonna want to hear it but they are going to have to overhaul…


I think questions that need to be answered is why and how was an individual sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole classified and housed at SDCC? which is really supposed to be a minimum to medium custody facility. Just my opinion but anyone serving life with or without should not be at a facility such as SDCC, No offense to SDCC staff its just the facility does not seem to be designed yet alone staffed properly to house inmates that are flight risk.

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