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If you want to fight

Everyone who works for NDOC should follow these steps if you intend to fight the COVID Vaccine mandate


Email your shift supervisors, all Associate Wardens for your institution, Warden of your institution, all Deputy Directors, Director and Christina Leathers. Request a religious exemption form for the COVID vaccine.


Email the Department of Health and Human services, requesting the exemption form for the COVID vaccine. (One does not exist yet but this shows a paper trail)


Fill out the grievance below in either format and email it to all of the  AFSCME Stewards on the list. Also submit the same grievance through NEATS


Submit this religious exemption paperwork if you do not want to get the shot to our EEO Sharla Bennett, you have to get it notarized. This is a form that was discovered by another member. Our department does not have a form, however Christina Leathers stated to email Sharla with any religious exemptions.


Word version Grievance

AFSCME Steward list

Religious form

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Unknown member
Sep 20, 2021

This Is My Line in the Sand. I am happy to see that they are at least considering some exemptions. The email that went out from Lieutenant Rivera stated both a religious and a medical exemption option.

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