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Lodge vote

I was reminded by the board members that we did not put the discount on initial membership fee for the month of October to a vote for the members. This will serve as the opportunity for all current lodge members to vote. a motion is proposed that we provide a $30 discount for prospective members during the month of October and a referral program for existing members to save one months Dues for each member they refer that signs up. Referrals must be clearly noted on the new member’s application. I have discussed this with the board, but for everyone’s information, we hope to have a big membership push this month to celebrate our Lodge's one year anniversary of being open. Please vote in the comments section below. Yay if you agree with offering the discount and referral program and Nay if you do not agree with offering these discounts and incentives. Voting will close at 6pm tomorrow October 1, 2020. Thank you all and be safe.


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Ashcraft and Mckeehan each voted yay on other forums.


Sounds good to me


I vote yay


Unknown member
Oct 01, 2020



I vote yay

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