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Mandate Lawsuit

Secretary Prater forwarded to all of you an email regarding the impending mandate lawsuit. If you are among those who will not be taking the COVID shot, I highly recommend you read the instructions in the email and fill out the declaration form. If you have already filled out the declaration and sent it to the team of attorneys, you do not have to resend. As November 1st rapidly approaches, we are faced with great uncertainty, but those of you who choose not to take the shot, need to be prepared as much as possible for what comes next. If any of you receive denials for religious exemptions, please forward that information on to the email addresses contained in the email that Prater forwarded to all of you. I spoke with Joey Gilbert yesterday and they are ready to file the lawsuit as soon as the NDOC steps over the line with violations of your rights. In addition to that, make sure that you file a legal defense claim if you anticipate any disciplinary action come November 1st. There may be a ton of claims at that time, so the more that can get their claim submitted in advance the better. You will also have to file for appeal of disciplinary action.

Now that you all have the declaration forms, let’s circulate this to any and all employees who are going to find themselves in this position. Even if they are not FOP members, tell them this lawsuit will be for all employees. The more employees who join the lawsuit, the cheaper it is for each individual.

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