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Mandatory Vaccine discussion

Below you will find my summary of what was discussed this afternoon at the National FOP Conference regarding COVID. Keep in mind this discussion was with the general counsel who are following these cases nationwide. By no means did the delegates or the executive board agree with the way things have been going, they were just relating how the court proceedings have been going.

The courts nationwide and arbitration’s are ruling in favor of the employer on the topic of mandatory vaccinations. Not FOP’s position but this is how the cases are proceeding. These things are very fluid and things could change. Also, workers comp should cover Covid contracted at work, negative reactions from vaccine when employer mandates vaccine, should also be covered by workers comp. There is a widely held presumption that first responders are presumed to have contracted COVID during their employment.

The employer cannot just mandate without talking to the labor organization to negotiate consequences, exemptions, testing costs, leave for testing, and other related matters.

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