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March lodge meeting minutes


monthly meeting MARCH 13, 2021

In attendance:

BOARD: President Lunkwitz -- VP Ashcraft --- Secretary Prater

Members: Allen and Armendariz


President Lunkwitz:: stated that he wants to order more black shirts an additional coffee cup. He also stated that he will be retiring effective June 14th , 2021.

He wants to switch the meetings 2 every other month which would be the odd months on Saturdays at 9:00 AM and on the even months on Sunday's at 8:00 AM. The motion was made by VP ashcraft and second it by secretary Prater.

He also brought up the lethal force grievance that he just recently submitted; it was heard with the EMC. Based on the EMC they agreed with ashcraft and others that a lethal fourth option should be available. They requested that an independent study be done by an outside agency. Lunkwitz stated he will contact 1 voice united to get their field on this subject and see what other departments across the nation are doing.

VP ashcraft stated that he talked to warden Johnson if there was anything, they could do to help get a lethal option on the yard to protect officers and inmates. Johnson stated that with the current governor he does not feel that they will agree to get a lethal force option back at Indio see. Ashcraft reiterated to the warden that we have had several CEOs attacked and several inmates attacked and currently there is no way to protect them with the 40 millimeters. Sergeant Barry one of the range Masters brought up different options to include MP5's grenades and frangible’ s.

During the EMC hearing Christina Leathers stated, “why should we need to kill inmates “. This was immediately challenged by President Lunkwitz and the EMC agreed that her statement was not appropriate.

Lunkwitz also stated that there is a Department of human resources administrative hearing that will be coming up soon Ann we may need to get in contact with Denise Wu, to get meeting minutes from the EMC.

Allen stated we need to get a date to see what the deadline is for turning in information for the border prisoners meeting when they look at the use of force policy an AR 301 so that we can submit optional ideas instead of just bringing back the shotguns.

Lunkwitz then went on to state that since he will be moving out of state, he feels that we need to start looking at who might be interested in taking over the president's position. We are advising all members to talk to each other to determine if anyone is interested in running for the president's position.

Lunkwitz then went on to state that he is running into some problems with new officers who are still under the impression that they shouldn't join fop until their probation is up. Fop can help them with concealed carry and outside legal defense if they get in trouble, you if you need investigative help even if it does not affect your probation fop can help you. He then went on to state that AFSCME, and their legal defense plan is currently set to expire July 1st, 2021. So, this leaves a huge area for FOP to gain members who feel they need legal representation currently or in the future.

He also stated that AFSCME had talked to the EMRB and they had attempted to get FOP kicked out of the monthly meet & confers with the warden. As of this moment we have not seen anything in writing, but it appears that the EMR B agreed with them.

Treasury; submitted by president Lunkwitz for treasurer Navarrete

The current balance in the account is $28694.64, the legal defense payment which will be coming out soon will be approximately $15,000 around the 20th of this month. Outstanding bills are none but we're looking at ordering 50 cups for approximately $270 , and black T shirts approximately 50 currently no price, and cleanup kits for propelling incidents which would include soap, towels and disposable scrubs.

end of report for the Treasury

vice president ashcraft report ;; he is currently in the process of working with warden Johnson and the supervisors to get them to start using the mandatory list , and having it completed at the beginning of each shift so that there is no confusion as to where you are on the list OP 326.

Officer Armendariz stated that what is supposed to be happening to help alleviate overtime is Casa Grande has officers assigned to a boot camp which they haven't implemented yet those officers are supposed to be coming to HDSP to help out with either hospital duty or on the yard.

Ashcraft is also working on a AR 301 because the Department is currently again trying to eliminate post bidding and only allowing officers to bid for shifts. Currently Casa Grande can't bid for shift or posts their Lieutenant assigned you where you're going

. Officer Alan states that when HDSP opened it was no post bid and why would we go backwards to something that didn't work. Our argument is that supervisors should not have that much power over officers as to not give them a choice of where they're working it will return to the good old boy system of where if a supervisor doesn't care for you, you will always get a bad post or a post that requires a great deal of work . Basically, as a punishment.

Ashcraft been stated that we should start asking to see the mandatory list when we check in for our shifts AR 326.2, officer Allen states that he has asked for the list to be put on the shared drive every shift so it's clear and that way everyone can see it.

Secretary Prater: states that the current membership is at 195 members and that there are two members who were entered on Monday who just have not been put into the system by national. So, our total membership as of today will be 197. No other business for the secretary.

Unfinished business: our only issue that is unfinished is having the FOP bonded. Officer Allen investigated this and found that Amerisent insurance is the one that bonds other organizations and we will investigate talking to them.

New business: nothing to report

President Lunkwitz made a farewell statement and thanked everyone for their hard work with FOP. He is not leaving yet play he wanted to emphasize that he will be gone on June 14th.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 11:12 AM

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