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New Covid testing policy

So it seems as if they have backed off the stipulation that the employee will pay for the COCID-19 weekly testing. What I have read makes it seem that there are conditions on when and where the weekly testing will take place. My recommendation is that everyone forces the issue with their respective bosses on getting release time to be tested at the “free testing site.” Make sure you are getting documentation on any denials of time off, also if you put in for overtime. If you face disciplinary action for refusing to pay for a test, this will support your case that you did everything to get tested at the designated site, but you were denied by your supervisor. Also if you grieve the denial of overtime, the denials will show documentation that you submitted to be paid fo time spent doing a required work activity.

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I’m pretty sure they’ll still test corrections at each institution, since we have medical staff on site This will keep them from having to give release time or pay overtime. The offsite Covid testing locations probably be for like civilian state workers they don’t have medical facilities in their workplaces… Making non-mandatory so inconvenient it’s mandatory For the bulk of state workers

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