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Non Member Fees

For all non-members(including other FOP Lodge members) who request representation.  Your fees will be $250 per hour with a $1,000 up front retainer.  Whatever portion of the retainer is not used, will be refunded to you.  This rate is for anyone who has canceled FOP membership in the past as well as those who do not wish to join.  This fee will be for services by a union steward to represent you through the investigation or grievance process.  The up front retainer will only cover 4 hours of rep work.  I will tell you that any cases that go beyond the investigative interview or to an EMC Hearing typically require in the neighborhood of 20-30 hours of billable work by the representatives.  You will also be responsible for any external fees such as arbitration and attorney fees if you need to go beyond the Pre-Disciplinary hearing.  This would also apply to any grievance that goes beyond level 3 or equivalent.  ​So for the cost of 1 non member retainer, you can join FOP and pay your dues for roughly 2 years. If you are a FOP covered member, you will have attorney coverage all the way through the supreme court for administrative discipline cases(investigations).  For any disciplinary related grievances you would also be covered by an attorney.  In the event that a non-member requests representation and joins FOP immediately, you will get 1 free representation by a union steward.  This will cover only the investigative interview.  Any further need for representation will be paid for at the non-member rate as well as the applicable external fees. Grievances that go beyond level 3 will also be billed at the non-member rate.  If you wish to read the supreme court decision that governs Non-Member representation click on the link below to review the appropriate case law.

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