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Overtime issues

From Brother Mike Thompson

Update: Along with the two, federal grievances I filed against the clowns who stole money from my family I also filed a state grievance at the request of my two, federal contacts. I submitted that state grievance to aw oliver because I thought it might be interesting to see what he had to say. oliver met my grievance by promptly disregarding it in a timely manner to the point where an email was generated by neats instructing me to elevate my grievance in light of the fact that oliver hadn't answered it in a timely manner. oliver did, however, send me an email which was his answer to it. His five or six line answer included strong protection for the jamokes who stole my overtime while PAINTING ME AS THE VILLAIN, subsequently dismissing my grievance. Thank you for your kind words aw and for your digital footprint!! I replied to his email with a few appropriate words and he called me. During our conversation he made sure that I was aware of the fact that, "We've got too much going on to spend time worrying about one or two things." He also added, "You're just like every other employee! You know how to file a grievance in neats but you don't know how to sign up for overtime." I informed him that I was not just like every other employee just before he hung up on me. There have been several newer guys who have voiced concerns about the fact that they haven't been paid for overtime worked from months ago. I always answer with, "Get me a report and some proof and I'll deal with it." They never do - I'm assuming it's because they're scared. This me

ntality needs to change because the people at the US Department of Labor want me to get this info to them. Please help me convince these guys to come forward so I can help them. If you hear of anything like this assure them that they are instantly protected by the Federal, Whistleblower's Protection Act and that retaliation against them is illegal. Have a good day!

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Make sure you go to the FEDERAL Department of labor. Print out the Neats copies of the rejected time sheets. Print out the copy of your grievance. Federal Labor agency is located downtown on Fourth St. They’re going to contact the state of Nevada/ NDOC no problem. Your not wasting valuable time only with the staye/NDOC. They stick together and LIE! Waste of time. Then you go to FEDS and they lie to them and say a proper investigation was looked into and it wasn’t. Also contact a lawyer right away your case can be taken on contingency

Replying to

Thanks for the advice. I promise you I went straight to the feds. That's the solidarity I'm talking about! I made that mistake one time years ago. Never again. Be safe!

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