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Proof status

Many of you may have been subjected to this imaginary thing called proof status. While this has been addressed at various levels throughout the years, it is apparent that some supervisors may still be attempting to use this scare tactic against employees. In one case recently, one of our brothers in green was issued a proof status letter. Thankfully, FOP Brother Mike Thompson took it upon himself to intervene and do something about it. Brother Thompson stood up for our brother in green and drafted an articulate letter outlining the various problems (legal and otherwise) with proof status. after consulting with President Lunkwitz and Vice President Ashcraft, he submitted the letter to Warden Calvin Johnson. Brother Thompson then had a meeting with Warden Johnson. At this meeting, the discussion resulted in this proof status being rescinded. So if you are faced with a proof status situation, know that FOP has your back thanks to Brother Mike Thompson!!! Brothers and Sisters, this is what FOP is all about!!! We can collectively work on things to make the NDOC a better place to work! Big thanks to Brother Thompson for having the strength and courage to stand up for one of our brothers in green!!!

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