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Timesheet Issue

This post is from Brother Mike Thompson.

Last night I filed a grievance with the state because a sergeant and a lieutenant, both on probation, broke a state and a federal law when they got together and removed two of my overtime shifts then submitted my timesheet. No attempt was made to contact me even though I was at work. I don't work overtime but that money, due next week, was earmarked for something my family needed. I didn't sleep last night. As a former union pipefitter and a grown up who knows federal law I am so pissed off I can't describe it. I am taking this grievance way beyond the walls of hdsp. I logged my grievance into my notis log entries under education, office 15. Watch your timecards and pass the word to report any abnormalities to me..... Welcome to Thunderdome!!!

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Update: Along with the two, federal grievances I filed against the clowns who stole money from my family I also filed a state grievance at the request of my two, federal contacts. I submitted that state grievance to aw oliver because I thought it might be interesting to see what he had to say. oliver met my grievance by promptly disregarding it in a timely manner to the point where an email was generated by neats instructing me to elevate my grievance in light of the fact that oliver hadn't answered it in a timely manner. oliver did, however, send me an email which was his answer to it. His five or six line answer included strong protection for the…


Second federal grievance filed against the gebronis who stole money from my family. In the interest of, "can you guess which agency i filed it with," I'll let it be a surprise for them. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the ********. Happy Sunday


In reference to the state's grievance process. Some grey area remains regarding filing a grievance for unpaid wages with the state as the EMC sometimes states they do not have jurisdiction over some matters in where there are officially other processes and or venues to hear such complaint. In this situation, the US DOL has a process and maybe an alternative venue. I am currently involved in exhausting both for another pay issue. In regards to submitting a grievance within the state grievance process, one very important factor to understand is that the EMC has only limited jurisdiction and only a few mechanisms available to them to resolve issues, and more often than not simply states they do not …

Replying to

Very eloquently put sir! I promise you that my report, and subsequent correspondence with the powers that be, will be exponentially more thorough and thoughtful than the Jameson soaked rant I threw together last night! I look forward to assisting you with these issues as you see fit in the future. Now, I believe it's 5 o'clock somewhere Sir.


Grievance filed/received with the United States Department of Labor today! We need solidarity brothers and sisters. If we stand together I promise you the dolts who try to steal from you will be held accountable.


I would be happy to be a liaison between officers and miss Castro Lopez. Just get me the info as it happens. These guys are breaking real the eyes of real agencies

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