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The senate is hearing SB 2 in the special session. This bill would remove some of the protections we are guaranted under NRS 289. please go to the legislative website and submit comments to show disapproval for this bill. below is the link. Read the bill which allows your compelled statements to be used against you in civil actions actions, takes away the ability of your representative to review the investigative file, and allows the department to permanently remove you from your post.

here is the link for public comment

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This is the letter that I emailed every legislator and sent to the email on the legislative website: My name is Paul Lunkwitz, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Nevada C.O. Lodge 21. To all members of the Nevada Senate, Senate Bill 2 is an insult to all Peace Officers in the State of Nevada. In the last session, members of the Nevada Senate voted in additional rights to Peace Officers. Now as a result of irresponsible media, you feel unjustified pressure to repeal laws that guarantee Peace Officers protections against agencies like the Nevada Department of Corrections(NDOC). The NDOC regularly investigates officer misconduct with investigators who are poorly trained, unethical, and biased against officers. The NDOC refuses to acknowledge…

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